The AAAI 2017 Workshop on Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition

Plan recognition, activity recognition, and intent recognition all involve making inferences about other actors from observations of their behavior, that is, their interaction with the environment and with each other. The observed actors may be software agents, robots, or humans. This synergistic area of research combines and unifies techniques from user modeling, machine vision, intelligent user interfaces, human/computer interaction, autonomous and multiagent systems, natural language understanding, and machine learning. It plays a crucial role in a wide variety of applications including: personal intelligent assistants, assistive technology in health and smart environments, intelligent human-computer interface, natural language and speech dialogue management, computer and network security, coordination in robots and software agents, and e-commerce and collaborative filtering.

This workshop seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners from these diverse backgrounds, to share in ideas and recent results. In addition to traditional topics in plan, activity and intent recognition and the modeling of other agents, this year the workshop will emphasize the discussion of establishing test suites, benchmarks, and challenge problems in order to better compare our many diverse approaches.

Contributions are sought in the following areas:

Related contributions in other fields, are also welcome.


We welcome submissions describing either relevant work or proposals for discussion topics that will be of interest to the workshop. Submissions are accepted in PDF format only, using the AAAI formatting guidelines. Submissions must be no longer than eight pages in length, including references and figures. Please e-mail submissions to dekelr@post.bgu.ac.il


Reuth Mirsky, Primary contact (Ben-Gurion University, dekelr@post.bgu.ac.il),
Sarah Keren (Technion University, sarahn@technion.ac.il),
Christopher Geib (Drexel University, cgeib@drexel.edu)